Julia Roberts, family focused

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Life seems to rest easy for Julia Roberts at the moment with the pressures of family life. Even Roberts’ acting projects have taken a few steps down from $20 million pay says and movies such as Erin Brockovich in 2000, for which she won Best Actress.

Roberts claims even the paparazzi have backed off her.

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New evidence on early detection second hand breast cancers

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New research according to an international study  states that earlydetection of second breast cancers can reduce the risk of patient death by as much as half.

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Cyclists should be liscensed

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A recent online survey found up to 60 per cent of Brisbane drivers  believed cyclists should be licensed.

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Man escapes crane fall with a broken leg

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At 7 am this morning  a man was pinned under a crane for 45  minutes  in broadbeach.  He escaped the near fatal accident with a broken leg. However it took police more than 3 hours to clear the wreckage and re open  the road to traffic.

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Guy Ritchie and Elle Macpherson do dinner

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The couple were spotted  having dinner at the Notting Hill brasserie in London earlier this week looking quite cosy, hand in hand.

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Filmmaker’s virgin hunt

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Melbourne Filmmaker Justin Sisely is being questioned after he tried to recruit female and male virgins to appear in a documentary. The posters titled “Virgins Wanted” were torn down from the Monash University campus yesterday, due to their explicit nature and subject matter.

Mr Sisely claimed yesterday that he was merely an artist “exploring the idea of virginity as a commodity”.

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L’Oreal Spokesmodel Doutzen Kroes hits the runway for Melbourne fashion Festival

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Those in the heart of melbourne last night may have seen a thousand noisy, air kissing, champagne sipping models and fashionista’s  for the launch of L’Oreal Melbourne fashion festival, with international supermodel Doutzen Kroes joining the celebrations.

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