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Only by acceptance of the past can you alter it.

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what to do when you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders….run away offcourse!


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bonne nuit, fait de beau reves…

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i could definately do with some love and affection in times like this!!! one doesnt like to feel isolated and alone……EVER!!!

je veux, je veux, je veux….

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I want…. to run away from the world and submerse myself in cyberspace, where there are no emotions involved and i can pour my heart out in text form.

Feels so betrayed by the world!

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sexy stylesweeetreowww
A must have for my winter wardrobe this year=as many knee high and thigh high socks as possible.

So this week has so far unfolded into a horrible turn of events, and its only wednesday. Leaving me broken hearted, shattered, disturbed and more worthless than ever…

Lets pretend we never met
Lets pretend were on our own
Well live different lives


adios fucking viper town…

I made it through the weekend

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Well if there were any better time to confess my sins it would be now! But  we all know thats not going to happen, besides who doesnt love a bit of mystery in ones life.

Lets just say I did something that wasnt really in my best interest, or in the other persons, which is leading me to be quite sad on this miserable monday.  I mean, dont you wish you could just tell someone they are making a mistake??? mon dieu, mon dieu!

What I wouldnt kill to go for a run right now!!! but the rain seems to be stopping that from happening too! Instead I am reminising about the weekends quirky events. And waiting for the night to fall in the hopes that I too will fall and sleep for eternity…


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