je n’oublierai jamais…promesse!!!

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I cannot believe i spent an entire weekend surrounded by amazing people…celebrating my birthday.. and i forgot to take photos- i am so hopeless.

….if it is possible to overdose on sushi i have definately accomplished that tonight. You see i am only just getting my appetite back after the weekend that was!!


my birthdaySEE…. I will never forget you again trusty camera!


bisous xx



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for a dear friend…. more photos I thought you would like!

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My new house is finally ready!

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Finally the time has come and I am moving house….out of the Burleigh Bat cave and into a lovely suburban home in Robina. And in great sadness and cold weather I am going to attempt to get to the beach every day this week, before I move, to make the most of the amazing beach right at my door step.  I am going to miss it, that’s for sure!!!

Moving house is so stressful and I have quite the dilemma on my hands. It is my birthday next weekend, along with 4 other friends..and that’s the official weekend we are supposed to be moving in…mon dieu, mon dieu!!!! I am really not sure what to do. Offcourse I know I am going to party and celebrate my birthday on the weekend- so I am trying my best to pack up all of my stuff this week, so I can hopefully move it before the weekend. Le sigh….how I hate packing…

moving house


new home is finished.yey

all this packing is going to drive me insane…

gros bisous x

Bangin’ boots

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I love Doc’s…especially in all these amazing candy colours…its just a shame they are everywhere…fuck fashion and be yourself people!

My new obsession…burlesque dancing! Feathers, corsets, and everything glittery.. how can you not fall in love!


Im pretty sure I should be sweet to teach myself!!! Best described as a combination of striptease, comedy and exuding sexual confidence, not just in the burlesque performance, but in everyday life…it encapsulates everything I adore!

A real lady…

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I am so nautiously excited to finish uni at the end of this week!!!! I have tried to put in as much effort as I can this semester, but a few major blows have set me back. …so all I can do is sit back and wait for things to start looking up!!!

Today is yet again another difficult day but im trying to be as positive as possible…my friend Jessica who has been in hospital for 10 months (september last year) after being struck down by a strand of the meningoccocal virus, which put her body in lock down. (‘Lockdown’ is pretty much how it sounds, her boday shut down to try and fight the deadly virus, and now she cannot speak, or move on her own…but she blinks in response to me-and i think its the best thing ever). 

Im not sure if its selfish of me to say this, but Im 2 worlds, as to wether i want to see her or not. Becuase after all this time it still hurts me so much to see her in pain…but I will feel so guilty if I dont go becuase she was one of my closest friends- and most (except as special few of us) dont even take the time to see her.

I still remember when we were 6 and she used to come round to my house and play dress ups..we would put on lipstick and pretend to be the sweetest princesses. But we have both changed so much since then….and regardless of what state she is in, I will always love her and care for her deeply…and most of all I have faith that slowly…very slowly she will recover!!!!


My 19th birthday- Jess, Ant (her boyfriend), Me and Kelly

Katelyn's 18th 021

jeska dunne ..a real lady

Skateistan lacks funding but not the Australian spirit. (TBM)

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By Katelyn Potter

 Skateistans dream of producing an all inclusive skate park, where students can receive training in a secure environment, might not become a reality without funding.

Founded by Australian skateboarders, Oliver Percovich and Sharna Nolan the project encourages Afghan kids to build relationships that transcend nationality and class.

But money and lack of sponsors has hindered the company from reaching its full potential.

Mr. Percovich said he’s still trying to get major donors behind the idea.

“We need support from major skate brands to really get this program off the ground.”

“For now we are trying to raise $1,200 to take a shipment of donated gear from Australia to Kabul, but we need a further $14,000 to build the indoor skate park so that these kids will be safe,” he said.           

In the past six months the project has grown from being a small club with close to no funds to an organisation that teaches more than 100 children to skate.

Editor in Chief at Slam Skateboarding magazine, Trent Fahey said he couldn’t understand why more Australians aren’t donating to such a great initiative.

“The only financial donation from Australia has been $200 and I think that’s sad considering the hard times kids are having over there,” he said.

“Anything that develops an awareness of culture and society and creates anything like a union between cultures is good …good for it to grow.”

“It’s a really great company and we should all be supporting it, because skateboarding is such a fast growing industry that it’s only a matter of time before it picks up in other countries like Afghanistan, ” said Mr. Fahey.

A documentary detailing the construction of the Skateistan, its student’s achievements and what it’s like growing up in Afghanistan is to be released later this year.


For more details on the documentary ‘To live and skate in Kabul’ click here.

To find out more about the sport thats bringing nations together and about the Skateistan project go to their website.

The plans for Skateistans skate park in Kabul: (Courtesy of

Kabul Skatepark plans


 For more footage on Skateistan click here.

Keep up to date by following their wordpress blog,  Facebook page or myspace.


 Children of conflict zone jump aboard for Skateistan – The Age.

Skateistan helps community come together – Monkstyle.

 The Dream: Skateistan – Slam Skateboarding Magazine.

Kabul’s kids master the flip tricks as skateboarding invades the streets – The Gaurdian

Fashion Week turns up the heat (TBM)

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By Katelyn Potter

THE GOLD COAST is fast getting a name for its glitz, glamour and fashion so it comes as no surprise that last month’s Gold Coast Fashion week was a huge success.

 gcfw2-lauren rose phillipps - Copy
A model gets her make-up done backstage.

The event which ran from May 13 – 17th saw some 26 designers showcase their talents and a bevy of Gold Coast models strut their stuff on the runway.

Gold Coast Fashion week co-ordinator, Kirsten Mitchell said that for its second year running the event has grown significantly and things are just ‘heating up’.

“We wanted to find a niche for Gold Coast fashion so that we can stand out from everyone else and make people want to come here, so we based the week’s events around swimwear and resort wear, which is very prominent on the Gold Coast,” she said.

There is so much unseen talent here, and I think we were successful in getting those names out there, with the support of the media and local community.”

Gold coast model Mercedes Mc Veigh said she was thrilled to have been part of an event that was putting fashion forward on the Gold Coast.

“I really believe in Australian designers I think they’ve got a lot of talent and a lot of potential and an event like Gold Coast Fashion Week is a great platform to showcase that,” said Miss Mc Veigh.

“I just love the fact that on the Gold Coast everyone just really embraces it and gets into it and really enjoys it, it was such a great week.”

With the support of some big name designers Ms. Mitchell believes next years event will be even more spectacular.

 “Plans are already underway and we are so thrilled to have international designers like Ksubi, Zimmerman and Akira Isogawa on board,” she said.

But despite its expected rise she ensures Gold Coast Fashion week will continue to support its local talent.

“We will always use Gold Coast models and designers because for us Gold Coast Fashion Week should be about supporting everything Gold Coast.”


For more information on Gold Coast Fashion Week 2010 and how to get involved click here.




Stardom Staring Top fashion duo in face – Gold

Gold Coast Fashion Week 2009-swimwear –  Swimwear Images and News.

Gold Coast Fashion Week hemmed in to swimwear show – The Courier Mail.

Gold Coast Fashion Week Casting – Gold

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