im lifting the gag order…

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shock horror… IM PETRIFIED OF ELBOWS! My own elbows mainly because we spend 24 hours a day together but anyones elbows can step up to the plate and be just as bad.

Ever since the day i could bat my own eyelashes ive gagged, fainted, cried ( the whole sha bang ) over this certain part of the human body. One simple thought of an elbow can send me to the floor, its what i could imagine the fear of someone with a large butcher knife chasing you -its crippling . Ive never properly looked at one for more then a mere glance before i hyperventilate and cover my eyes and although i know that i have a pair myself, we have a mutual understanding that they keep out of sight and out of mind.

This is my extreme phobia. I see the doctor every week to overcome this fear and just because im starting to talk about it doesn’t mean i like them, want to befriend one, will look at one or especially touch one. This has plagued me since birth and isn’t so cute now that im hurtling towards real adulthood.

One day i hope to at least accept that the human elbow exists and live a comfortable life with them on the same planet.

paris fw


magnesium supplements make me feel smart.

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Sorry stop speaking to me in literal terms I’m finding it hard to process,try Arabic it seems to flow better and definately looks nicer .


‘reality is wrong…dreams are for real’

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I want to buy the world! but I’m happy to buy it in small fragments -shoes, bags, pretty dresses and smart furniture. Why is this so hard ? I’m no rupert murdock, or Mariah Carey,I’m not looking for world
domination- I’m just looking to be waited on hand and foot.Served the best patte on Sunday, stupendous teas on tuesdays and bathed in erotic oils by Thursdays.

crooked brains

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i believe the children are thinking :

“I will act cute but im just using you for your fairy bread”

too cute


savage love

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…love doesnt die becomes manipulated!


i want to do real bad things to you!

‘The edge’…

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 … there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.


Mother chucker..

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my doctor proposed the idea I may be completely nutty!


…and congratulations to the sun for fucking up another perfectly configured dream sequence!!!!

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