the stirring of memories towards the beginning, the stirring of my mind till its end!

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what? what has created this? I can’t get the words out, but they are there. When before I had let them out from my core, from the spot where hurt and rage have no solace, they came out not like the icing on a cake I wanted, but like shards of a broken window. My eyes hurt. I can’t sleep. It’s midnight again. I’m on a perfectly comfortable bed, and I’m losing my mind one word at a time! I’ve sucked the life out of me, and here I am, curling up in smoke.


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what makes me happy

hahaha… no other way to explain my monday!!!

pure trashbag love

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yeah..put an iconic face or something vulgar on a t-shirt and i’ll buy it. or any weirdass print, really. i love that. so much better than all the basics bs everybody’s bandwagoning. i’m not classy enough to pull off that simple look anyway..i prefer boobs on my t-shirts. la la la!

lullabies to paralyze

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a bottle of pills and an empty silence in the soft light!


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classy trash

this weekend is going to be complete and utter madness… as always!

dont forget to sin…

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dont forget to sin all I have to say after the weekend I just had!

the oxygen can’t get in

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223113It’s called asphyxiation.

Deprivation of oxygen due to suffocation.

There are many ways this can be achieved. It happens all the time.

Babies choke on a small toys. Swimmers drown in water. Skiers get buried in avalanches. The airway becomes blocked.

The oxygen can’t get in.

Sex addicts fall victim to autoerotic asphyxia, choking themselves too long while in pursuit of the perfect orgasm. Diners choke on chiken bones. Drinkers choke on their own vomit.



The oxygen can’t get in.

take me to a party

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