Incognito baby!!!

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“Do you think people would notice us lounging under a tree licking eachother?”

“ah yes”

“OK well we will come back as cats”


tooo cute


Why live in the world, when you can live in your head?

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display pic for blog

An apology to my present self from the former- I am sorry I have trashed you with medicinal remedies to ease my lifes discontent, I am sorry I have poisened you with alcohol by the litres, and I am truly sorry I have let any male think they are capable of sweet talking there way into your mind…please forgive me! Kindest regards! xx


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bang bang

Happiness hit her like a bullet in the back

Struck by love

By someone that should know better.

I dont care what she does with a straw, I will listen to her anyday!

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Ohhh Stevie, how you ease a troubled Monday!!!

Sins and sequins

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sins in sequence

are soooo much fun!!!

I have a game I want to play…

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…this requires you to write out 6 often unrelated scenarios or personality traits, and then roll the die, and so if the die’s face displays a two you have to abide by the characteristic written down with the number two, and then write out a list of durations and roll again to see how long you have to play this particular character  for….

…Luke Rhinehart did it in ‘The Diceman’  and it was absolutely fantastic- a thoroughly good read!…Luke, the protagonist, is a very successful psychotherapist, but has become bored by his life, so he becomes a ‘diceman’ gambling with the everyday– it actually ends up getting him into a lot of trouble – he commits rape, murder, and all sorts of other terrible things, although he genuinely thinks that the world would be a better place if it consisted of ‘dice people’ creating controversies and mind altering characters.

If i was a bikey….

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if i was a bikeeyyy..badassyou’d be road kill!!


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