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…Where are the best places in the world to take drugs? Well, it depends on the drugs, of course, but generally speaking, somewhere hot with clear blue skies — where there is not too much chance of getting into trouble — works nicely. The States in January would be a very bad place to take drugs of any kind. Saudi Arabia, though sunny, puts you at the risk of becoming paranoid. Many people speak highly of Ibiza, and Amsterdam remains an enduringly popular destination for those who enjoy a weekend binge on mushrooms or a wide choice of marijuana. For the more adventurous, site- and substance-specific expeditions — Iboga in Gabon, Ayahuasca in the Amazon — are becoming increasingly popular choices. Trips like these, however, are not for the faint of heart. What about the moderate psycho-active traveler,the kind of person who likes smoking grass and is not averse, if the circumstances are propitious, to doing an occasional hit of acid; the kind of person for whom snorkeling in the clear turquoise waters of the Bahamas is extremely nice — but for whom stoned snorkeling in the clear turquoise waters of the Bahamas is one of life’s supreme pleasures?


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paulsmith-evian1paulsmith-evian2paulsmith-evian3‘Paul Smith for Evian’ still doesnt make me want to drink the incomprehensively overpriced or as they say, ‘naive’ water. Nice try.


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patrickrunte1Patrick Runte photography.

Okay so I know this has turned into a little bit of an art frenzy…I’ll stop now I promise!

Stefan Brüggemann

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So fucking simple…. so brilliant!

Christopher Wool

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stevenApocalypse Now-1988   Alkyd and flashe on aluminum and steel, 84″ X72″

a collection of hungry…

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davidsykes1light breakfast.

davidsykes2spaghetti hoops.

Louis Porter

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Lui , I hope he doesnt mind me calling him Lui – is a Melbourne based documentary photographer, much like the neverhappened photographers. He has a delicate humour about him which I adore and his pictures are just awesome. Makes me want to get back out on some desperate back block some where. Im so tempted to put him in the artporn section…

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