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I’m beginning to think my somewhat blatant honesty is offending some!!! Males put down your swords or other weapons of choice, this is not a stab intended at any of you. Ladies let go of your insecurities, no more chin grabs…there is fun to be had by all.


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DEATH OF A CHILD, BIRTH OF A TRASHBAG…I’ve identified myself in open rebellion to my wealthy, pragmatically intelligent, successful family since I was 15. I wonder when I will grow up!

i love the word sex.

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You put your hand over my mouth

but still the noise continues

everypoint of my body is screaming

smashed into a thousand million pieces

every part forever belonging to you.

comfortable in your own skin

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Believe it or not the most wonderful thing I’ve realised in my twenty years of living is that ‘imperfection’ is perfection! Everyone has their own flaws…and I think it’s really important to be aware of our flaws in everything that we do, because they influence every decision we make. It’s also important to remember whilst your deep in conversation with the girl who seems so perfect, the girl you want to be with, that she too has flaws…nobody is perfect, no matter how it may seem…but the most amazing thing to bear in mind with our flaws and weaknesses is that, even though they prevent us from achieving perfection, people will still love you. The important people will take hold of your flaws, embrace them, and cherish them.


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I can truthfully say that since I reached the age of discretion I have consistently drunk more than most people would say was good for me. Nor do I regret it. Wine has been to me a firm friend and a wise counsellor. Often wine has shown me matters in their true perspective, and has, as though by the touch of a magic wand, reduced great disasters to small inconveniences.

Wine has lit up for me the pages of literature, and revealed in life romance lurking in the commonplace. Wine has made me bold but not foolish; has induced me to say silly things but not to do them. Under its influence words have often come too easily which had better not have been spoken, and letters have been written which had better not have been sent. But if such small indiscretions standing in the debit column of wine’s account were added up, they would amount to nothing in comparison with the vast accumulation on the credit side.”

Duff Cooper, Old Men Forget, quoted in the Introduction to Alexis Lichine’s Encyclopedia of Wines & Spirits. Alfred A. Knopf (New York), 1970.


“Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world, and one of the material things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection and which offers a greater range of enjoyment and appreciation than possibly, any other purely sensory thing which may be purchased.”

(Ernest Hemingway, Death of an Afternoon, also quoted in Alexis Lichine’s Encyclopedia of Wines & Spirits. Alfred A. Knopf (New York), 1970. )

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