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Silent squeal, a tight squeeze, cupped hands engulf all that is private, running through a field…you finally feel free…the beginning of an inexplicable journey.

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of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness.

Bertrand Russell. Philosopher & Writer.

..such an easily worded and written concept- but how the fuck do I grasp it?


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Your boyish enthusiasm for play fighting deviance and your fine capactiy to swoon or otherwise force girls into your arms (more prominantly in the form of a headlock) are all affirmative factors in your ability to act like a dick head. This is not to be confused with the reality of the mature professional competence and judgements, proper mature males would generally  be associated with. However needn’t you worry, these qualities are still catastrophically out of your reach. Just stick to looking up girls skirts,  comparing skate tricks and  drinking beer like its water.

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what happens when you sit and think of rain, of deep liquid surrounding you, enveloping you with a sense of meaning and intention, though the tears that you will on from these wet thoughts never fall down..? we are not all taught the same, in individuals eyes. one cannot take in the same as the next and then the third, just as one speaker cannot speak words of the same experience as the one that was before and will be after..similar to how words dont trigger the same reaction in one’s head as though it would in another.

in search of a remedy

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For the most I am calm. Then there are the times i feel this creepy, slimy, damp feeling of heavy-hearted crap. A chance to break free and live wildly and creatively is touching me. It’s all around me and i can feel its soft fingers clasping my arm, the depth of the bruise is nothing compared to the way i would if i block my ears and ignore. As the breeze blows ideas around my head, the air rushes through my lungs with friendly smiles and friends of the hazy kind. Would one listen to words they did not know the meaning of? Would your cat play with my mouse if i told it to? Can we find the mushroom between the shit? can we cook a storm and eat it too? can i have a piece of your pie please? i am hungry and itching for knowledge. Thoughts of the lonely kind have my heart and ears in tune. Will the world move when I do? Will my world rock if i leave the boat..? How do i learn if i cannot settle on one page? one page with words and pictures and meaning that i have not caught. My line is in the water but i am having trouble finding the reel…

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