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I miss your soft lips,
That give birth to your tender & passionate kiss.
I miss the deep gaze off your eyes
And I miss you all the more with memories of being in-between your thighs.
I miss your messy car,
Maybe because I am away, so far,
From you.
I miss you when I speak to you on the phone,
It makes me wonder why I left.
Distance somehow brings me closer.
Now I miss you as much as I need breath.

The same Anonymous as before


poor kitty.

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I’m not sure why nobody warns you about that time in your life when you hit your early 20’s and things seem to get even harder than when you went through adolescence. You are finishing university, getting a job, growing up, partying more, traveling more, thinking more, loving more, learning more, dealing with more, freaking out and then on top of that there is this external pressure that seems to just drop on you from somewhere and it pushes you to DECIDE. NOW!

You are old enough! You should know what you are going to be doing with your life! Stop fucking around and start making decisions! And this time in your life is so scary- because what if you don’t know the right decision? What if you think you know but you aren’t sure you are on the right path? What if you are just scared? What if you just don’t have a fucking clue! WHY the hell does no one warn you prior to this? Just a little “Oh by the way- teenage years are rough, but it’s pretty cool because you are sheltered and your mum still does your washing and the only future you stress about is your next exam or who you’re going to hang out with on the holidays. Your 20’s are harder because, well fuck, you actually have to deal with REAL fucking shit”.

And It’s this ‘shit’ that shapes who you are and shows you your true colours as they come out in full force. This is a powerful time. But why does nobody tell you how daunting it can be? You find loves, you loose loves, you aren’t sure what is right. You aren’t really sure which way to go and on top of that you know that these decisions aren’t as casual as the ones that you made a few years ago. Crunch time? Crazy time? Crucial time? Creative time? Who knows. But it fucking makes me cringe!


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occupying minds..

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Hello my lovely,
You arrived so suddenly
But lately i’ve been clumsy.
Now I’m the sailor
Sailing solitary seas
Not missing your elbows, More your knees.
Missing your red wine eyes
That I came to please,
Your long legs as they stretch the length of my bed
And your head,
Resting on my pillow; Miranda, or Natalie
Which ever one tickles your fancy
Is ok by me.
I dreamt of you twice this week,
I never woke up with such joy
All of a sudden turning bleak.
I was afraid to send you crap poetry
Now I’m tipsy
On whiskey.
I have no credit, call me and tell me you miss me!


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