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First discovered in the mid 80’s, Acid Wash Reflux Disease (AWRD) affects nearly one in every four people. The disease is mainly caused when an acid-wash item re-enters a person’s life after years in remission. Symptoms include a burning sensation in the stomach, particularly when faced with an acid-wash jacket or jeans. Even old photos or being exposed to revived 80’s fashion tragedies can cause immense discomfort. Most at risk are those born in the 70’s who experienced acid wash the first time around. Even if a person has never worn acid wash before, it doesn’t mean they’re in the clear. Medical experts suggest if you’ve ever been to a Bon Jovi concert you should get tested immediately.

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio,  trying to make the acid wash work for her.


not a fan

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The trend used to be pierced navels and mid drifts. Now it’s nose rings and shorts so small you can see your arse cheeks. What will be the standard slut trend for 2011 I wonder?

You can fondle me all you want…but it wont make up for the person I am not.

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Steps to make the working day go faster.
…take amphetamines
…actually do some work.
…alphabetise stuff.
…talk to colleagues, hell- even talk to yourself.

It’s called high fashion

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These days you don’t even have to sleep with a  fashion model to see her boobs. They are in the pages of every magazine spread known to man kind…it’s called high fashion, but I refer to it as soft porn!

Salmon. who doesn’t love the pink fishy bits

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but wait….theres more….







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